Friday, February 26, 2010

Chunky Monkey pictures

Drayton is fast becoming a little chunky monkey.  We had his 1 month appointment with his new Doctor yesterday and it went well!  He gained another pound as in now 10 lbs. 11 oz.  He actually shrunk about an inch.  Don't know how that happens, but oh well! haha  Everything is still looking good!  We asked Dr. Somers if there was any way to get Drayton tested any sooner than 3/16, so she called down to the lab and that same day, they drew his blood to get it tested for the gene mutations.  I will just say that it is amazing that after pestering the old Dr. for weeks to get him tested, Dr. Somers was able to do it the same day!  We are glad we switched.  So hopefully those results will be back soon. In other news his umbilical cord finally fell off!

Last week, we went over to my sister Kristen's house for a little photo shoot!  She is so good and it was very hard to just pick these favorites.  So, sorry if there are too many. 

Drayton wishes for there to be peace on earth.

He was told to be fierce for the camera.
Now that's called cleavage up to your neck.

This is the day gown Mom made for Drayton with some tatting my great grandmother made.

Since Drayton was a bit of a diva and was very particular with his poses, Caden woke up from his nap before we could finish.  He however was very helpful by comforting Drayton and modeling the props so Drayton could see what they looked like.

He was also on hand to share his refreshments with his cousin.

Thank you so much sister!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A bunch of firsts

Tomorrow Drayton will be 3 weeks old! He is just changing so quickly.  It has been a good 3 weeks.  We've now been on our own for 5 days now and it is just amazing how much time I spend doing all things Drayton and I love it! But before we were on our own, we had some pretty amazing help. 
Drayton with his Slappy.  We'll see if Caden teaches him to click for his name.
Despite the look on his face, he loves some Cookie kisses.
He loved being held by Mimi Lin!

Being a music teacher, she is already working on his vocals.

Pops always had the magic touch and could lull him to sleep so fast.

Kristen and Caden pretty much camped out at our house for 2 weeks while Mom was here, so that we could all be together.  Thanks sister!
Caden also helped me by being a good holder.  And he was never short on kisses!

It really was wonderful having all of our family here to welcome our son and help Ty and me get settled in as a new family!  Thank you!

Now, since then, we have had a few firsts. 
This is right before our first solo outing to Walmart and then for a walk around the neighborhood!

His first pacifier!  Not sure what gang sign that is.

First of many rattails.  Also, check out that sweet back/shoulder hair. 

And my favorite position.  I love it when he puts his little bitty arms under his chin. Life is good!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Late 1 week

Since Drayton will be 2 weeks tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to post his 1 week pictures today! Makes sense. 

We also took a 1 week picture wearing the outfit Ty's Grandmom made for Ty when he was born.

Drayton had his 2 week checkup this past Friday and everything looks good!  He is gaining weight and growing and healthy.  I am a little ticked b/c I was told we would have the results back from his CF screening after a week and we still haven't heard.  Even though the results aren't definitive either way, it is still nice to get the ball rolling.  So, I went ahead and requested an appointment with the CF clinic in Tyler to get a sweat test which will tell us 100% if he has it or not.  By the way, if anyone has a pediatrician in the Longview area that they love, let me know. 

He is still just the best baby and is so much fun. We are all doing really well thanks to some major help from the grandparents. I'll have to do a major grandparent post soon. It has been wonderful having them here!

He is starting to focus his googly eyes a little better and is holding his head up really well!  He did a real big boy cry today and his eyes watered up just a little.  I can't believe how many diapers babies use-  especially Drayton b/c he always waits until I put a clean diaper on him to finish up his business.  He sleeps with his eyes and mouth open like his Dad.  He always makes the best faces after he's been fed and I can never resist kissing his sweet little cheeks or his mouth.  He is just wonderful!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Settling in

It is so nice to be home!  We are all definitely getting a lot more rest here.  He has just been the best baby so far!  He is sleeping well at night and having some good awake time during the day.  He is nursing well and is just so sweet!  I thought he might be trouble with as much as he punished me int he womb, but I guess we found out, he just didn't have any more room!  He's a big little boy. We've already had to move up to a size 1 diaper b/c the newborns were too small which is pretty funny to me.

He got his blood test done in the hospital for his CF screening, so we should get those results back in about a week.  We are still hoping and praying that he will not have it. 

I'm definitely still feeling the effects of the birth.  I just can't wait to feel like myself again and feel like I can actually move.  I am just so thankful he is out of me and we got to have a healthy birth.  It is just so amazing when look back along the way the way God has taken care of us in even the little things like providing us an amazing Dr. and nurses who were so supportive of the way we wanted to give birth.  We are just so thankful and happy!  So without further ado, here are some more pictures of the little bruiser.

He is starting to hold up his head (which is a little big and is already to big for Aunt Marcia's hat she made for him!)

A little skin to skin time with Daddy!

In his carseat on the way home for the first time!  Thanks for the hat Kara!

Caden came bearing gifts (a bat and a fox) for his new cousin.

Nap time with Slappy

I am so hoping that is a possible dimple!