Monday, November 23, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goodbye to birthing class

We had our final labor and delivery class Monday.  I know Ty is sad that now on Monday nights, instead of going and talking about breastfeeding, contractions, and crowning, he will have to watch Monday night football.  I'm actually glad as well that it is over.  It was good info, but mostly because I learned what the standard hospital procedures were and that my OBGYN is one of the few willing to go against them. 

Speaking of OBGYN, we had our last monthly checkup yesterday.  Ty got to go with me and meet the Dr.  (I switched Doctors as of last month, so that's why Ty is just now getting to meet him.) Everything still looked good.  At my request, though, he is changing my due date to 2/4/10 based on my calculations of when Drayton actually came into this world. I wanted it changed b/c I don't want to be induced if at all possible and this will give him an "extra" week to cook if he needs it.  Hopefully he won't need it, but you never know.  So we will start going every 3 weeks, and then soon it will be 2!!! Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I will post my (now) 29 week pictures soon!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

His name shall be. . .

We have tried to keep his name a secret for several reasons, but it is getting to the point to where we really like saying his name and don't want to have to hide it anymore!!  So without further ado, his name is:

Drayton Scott Ford

Drayton is Ty's middle name and a family name from his Dad's side and Scott is my Dad's name and also Ty's Grandmother's maiden name.  So, there.  I just couldn't last 3 more months!!! 

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our first shower!

We were given a wonderful shower this past Sunday at CDR by the ladies at CDR and the churches at Gilmer, Winnsboro, and Holly Lake.  It was so exciting to open up all the wonderful gifts and imagine our little boy wearing them or playing with them! It was just so sweet and we were really grateful for it.

The wonderful hostesses!  Thanks you so much!

Yes, Ty is sporting a sweet man purse made by Jewel.  Now he won't have to carry a sissy baby bag.

28 week belly!  My posture is definitely suffering.