Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who doesn't like a little crack in a float?
People have always told Ty he looks a little like Sylvester Stalone.  Looks like Drayton is on his way. (Thanks for the shirt Rachel.)
Whenever we eat meals, we stick Drayton in his Sassy seat.  He really enjoys being at the table with everybody else.
Don't judge me.  I promise I'm an attentive mother.
My glasses are now his favorite chew toy.
Most mornings, while I get cleaned up (I use cleaned up very loosely here), I set Drayton up on our bed and put in Oklahoma.  He loves the music!!  He just stays glued to the TV when they are singing.  But as soon as the songs are over, he starts to get antsy until the next one. So Ty watched a little with him the other day.

You can tell Ty loves a good musical.

Monday, September 6, 2010

7 months

Drayton is 7 months old!  He now has 1 1/2 teeth.  One is all the way in and the other is just starting to poke up.  He has always been and is still a very particular little boy.  He has decided that he hates food and never wants to be weaned.  After about 3 weeks of eating baby food really well, he hates it.  He closes his mouth and turns his head and sometimes arches his back like he trying to do a back dive out of his Bumbo.  Whenever I do actually get it in his mouth, he gags. I've tried different kinds of food, different textures.  He even hates juice.  He is also very particular about bottles.  He will take a bottle with nothing in it.  He will take a bottle with water in it.  But he won't take a bottle with milk.  However, he will drink milk out of a regular cup like a big boy.  He gets really excited when we let him drink out of a cup.  However, he won't drink juice out of a cup.  Picky picky.
He is still so much fun and likes to laugh and smile a lot.  I love that he laughs at us when we are silly or scare him instead of just when we tickly him. He is beginning to babble a whole lot more with new sounds.  He whispers sometimes!  He has started to wave at people and things that he likes.  He loves our dog Coda and waves frantically and kicks his legs at her. 
He has started to reach for Ty and me more often which just melts my heart.  I love it when he does it! 
He sits up and plays by himself as long as he knows someone is nearby.  He is starting to make some crawling lunges, all with his belly on the ground.  His primary mode of transportation is still the roll.
He is napping so much better these days.  He usually take 2, 2 hour naps, which is so nice!

So, here are his 7 month PJ pics.  Yes, he has on winter PJs.  I like to keep it cold at night.

I caught him mid-cough.  He has been a little sick this last week.  I hate to hear his little cough.
Couldn't you just eat his little cheeks up!