Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little stinker

Just a few random pictures.  Drayton is definitely expressing himself so much these days and is into everything!  He's a non-stop party (with a few sweet moments).

Monday, February 14, 2011

OOOOklaaaahoma Oklahoma!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is one of my favorite movies.  We used to watch it over and over every summer at my Grandparents' in East Tennessee.  Every time I say Oklahoma, it is hard for me not to think of the scene in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Anyways, we recently tagged along with Ty on a recruiting trip to OC and then made a trip out of it and swung by Duncan to see his Grandparents. 

While we were at OC, we stayed with Ty's cousin Dave and his wife Rachel.  Drayton is a bit of a flirt, and definitely thought Aunt Rachel was beautiful!  Thanks Dave and Rachel!  We had so much fun!

Then, it was on to Duncan.  Drayton got so excited when he saw this giant ball!

Is there anything more classic than a cozy coupe?

We had beautiful weather and got to go outside and play a lot! 
Drayton loves him some Grandmom!
Again, the red rubber ball!

It's a Jack attack!  Drayton was pretty mesmerized by Jack.  Sometimes he thought he was hilarious and sometimes he wasn't too sure about him!  It was pretty cute.

It was a great quick trip!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Never too late for a Christmas post

So Christmas part deux was in Nashville.  It wrapped up our crazy travelling season and was so much fun!  It is definitely a long drive with a little stinker, especially when it is snowy.

Drayton was finally getting the hang of opening presents, thanks to some help from Uncle Burt Burt

Every year we go to Kobe's steakhouse.  It is so delicious!  Drayton was really scared of the fire.  I think Ty liked it. 

Drayton got to meet cousins David and Laura and Megan and Austin.  Also typical. 

Now, these next 3 pictures are the beginnings of some cousin rivalry.  Drayton tried to pull off Tate's pajamas.  He did not appreciate it.

So, he tried to take Drayton's necklace.

He eventually got it and tried to whip him.  Look at that face.  He means business. 

Look out Drayton, you know what that face means!

I love some cousin bathtime!

Drayton always enjoys flirting with a new girl 
Kristen and Adam must have been working on Caden's form.

Now we can call her Aunt Lauren!  She and Burton and getting married!  woohoo!

Always have to play some cards


We got to go to the good ol Nashville zoo, a first for Drayton!

Also typical


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Drayton!

Drayton had his first birthday last Monday!  He is a big one year old now.  We had a wonderful birthday.  For his last month of posing with Mr. Bear, he was less than cooperative.  He did not want to sit still at all!

I love looking at this sonogram.  I can really see his little face in this even at 15 weeks!
Kind of traumatizing to look at.

And then the little hairy red man came screaming into the world!

It has been a wonderful year.  God has blessed us so much!  So, time for the 1 year details.  And once again, this is mostly for me to remember.  Drayton is so much fun!  He is such a sassy pants.  He will boss just about anybody around with a little screech.  He likes to laugh and will sometimes fake laugh if other people are laughing. Drayton is a pretty expressive little guy. We always know what he is thinking and feeling!
 He still loves to dance and was recently told he has rhythm, which is most likely from Ty.  He is still sleeping really well at night and takes great naps!  Usually 2 2-3 hour naps a day!  But, he doesn't really like me to rock him anymore.  He will start bouncing up and down and laughing as I'm desperately trying to hold on to his babyness.  It makes me laugh though. 
Drayton is babbling like crazy these days.  He really acts like he knows what he is saying and will nod his head and change the tone of his "words" for added emphasis.  He can now say mama, dada, ball, duh for coda, night night, Bible, bye bye, more, all done.  He never really got the signing thing.  We're still trying. 
He is so close to walking!  He will be holding onto something and take some fake steps like he is about to let go and try to step, but then decides to crawl. 
He still has 4 teeth.  His 2 uppers are some major chompers.  When he grins really big it is the cutest thing!  He's just the best little thing ever.

So, onto the birthday.
Look at those chompers!!
Probably screeching at me for something

sweet Kanyon came to party

every boy needs a good party hat to pull off and pop themselves with

just before he burst into tears (and it wasn't because he was disappointed he only got a birthday loaf)

sweet push trike 

Caden was kind enough to show him to to really ride it.

Had to get a picture of cute little (big) Quinn! 
It was quite a day.  There were some tired boys!  It was such a great day and we are so thankful for our sweet little boy!