Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hooray for finished projects! and 27 weeks

This past weekend Ty's parents, Tim and Linda, came for a quick visit.  Of course Tim and Ty got to work on a serious project that we figured out has now spanned about a year.  They finally got to finish our built in entertainment center!  I believe Ty calls it "living the dream".  We still need to paint it, but the handiwork is all finished.  It is nice to have a master carpenter in the family!  So here are the before and after pictures with the handymen.

It started as a bookcase and a dream and became. . .

a work of art!!

Seriously though, they did a great job and it looks so good!  Thanks Tim!

Meanwhile, Linda and I heckled them from the couch, saying amusing things under our breath when things like this happened.

  We also got to have fun doing baby things for the nursery.  That's always fun.  And I can finally envision what the nursery will eventually look like thanks to a new bedspread that will match the baby bedding and curtains!  So thank you Linda!  We are glad they live close enough to be able to make visits like that.  And I have a feeling they will get a little more frequent come next year.

So I am now 27 weeks and am now starting to feel pregnant thanks to my stubby torso that doesn't allow for a lot of baby.  I have been able to feel my ribs expanding which is not the best feeling in the world.  Just a tad bit painful. And he has started punching me up under the ribs which is also slightly painful.  So I just shove him back.  But it is so worth it when I think about who it is that is spreading my ribs apart deleting what little waist I did have and punching my liver.  I am so thankful to God and feel blessed to be punched in the liver. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

26 weeks

I have been so horrible about taking belly pictures.  I guess it makes it more dramatic when you can see more growth!  That's my excuse for now.  Here is my 26 week picture! Just 14 more to go.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yamboree and Cookie!!!

This past week was pretty exciting!  Mom came to visit East Texas.  We always have so much fun when she comes.  We were especially excited to get to take her to the Yamboree in Gilmer, TX.  Let me tell you, her mind was blown. 

Right before the parade.  She was so excited she could hardly stand it!

Sweet little face!

Caden enjoyed the parade from the comfort of Uncle Ty Ty's lap.

The beautiful Queen Yam.  Kristen was very excited.

Little boy's first parade.  I'm sure he heard it!

Caden loves his Cookie, or Tootie as he says

Who says pregnant women can't wear horizontal stripes!

The pregnancy is still going well!  I had my monthly checkup yesterday with my new OB and everything looks and sounds good. It was fun for Mom to get to go and hear his heart beat.  Besides beginning to grunt when I bend over or get out of a car and my belly button popping out, I've been feeling great!  He has definitely been active lately.  He is doing somersaults and practicing karate all day long.  It is so exciting to be able to feel him moving all the time. 

We had a great week with Mom and are looking forward to our weekend with Ty's parents, Tim and Linda!