Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy 10 months!

Well, I guess it was about a week ago he turned 10 months!  I really just want him to slow down, but I love it at the same time. So, here are some milestones mostly for me to remember, so I apologize for the wordiness.  He is now crawling on his hands and knees most of the time.  Every now and then he gets tripped up and resorts to the army crawl.  He is eating more and more real food and prefers whole things rather than old mushed up baby food.  So big.  He gets really excited when he sees bananas or peas.  His favorite game right now is peek a boo.  (He did it for the first time at Thanksgiving with big boy cousin Ben.  I got it on video- see below) It just melts my heart.  He can be crying and so sad, and he will pull his little blankee up over his face and wait for me to say "Where's Drayton?"  Then he yanks it down and expectantly waits for me to say the standard phrase.  If he's been crying, he smiles and then goes back to crying.  But if he's in a good mood, he'll do it over and over again.  I love it! I guess a tie for his other favorite game is when we put something like a ball in our mouths and spit it out.  He will die laughing and think it is hilarious! (See also video below)

He really loves music.  He is still a fan of the musical.  Meet Me in St. Louis might be a new favorite.  I had the Today show on the other day and when that little girl who sings opera came on, he froze and was mesmerized.  When she stopped singing, he started whining, so I rewound it and it made him happy again!  He has also started a form of dancing.  He will shake his head to the songs of his toys.  We've been trying to have little family devotionals at night and when we sing Pat the Bible, he is starting to pat the Bible.  And he really likes the song Who Made the Fishies Swim because we get pretty silly with it. 

He has finally figured out his music machine on his crib.  When he wakes up, he loves to stand up and press the button to make the lights come on. Then, he'll hold on to it and shake himself back and forth.  He still likes to shake the crib.  When he wakes up, he usually needs a good 10-15 minutes to play in his bed before he's ready for me to come get him.  And when I do he likes to play peek a boo through the crib slats before I pick him up.  Also new, is calling for Da Da sometimes when I'm putting him to bed.  Stalling techniques have begun!

Speaking of speaking, he says Dada, Mama, ball, nana for food, and da for done. Others are too close to tell.  He says stuff that I think he knows, but not quite sure.  He occasionally will wave bye bye. 

There is just so much!  He is just growing so fast, and we are so blessed and praise our God for our sweet little boy (who has a terrible fever right now).  We are having so much fun!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 1

We had a tender Tennessee Thanksgiving this year. It was definitely a lot of work, but a lot of fun!  We drove to Nashville, then drove another 5 hours east to my Dad's parents' place in East Tennessee.  It is always fun to get up there and see my Grandparents and cousins and Aunts and Uncles from that side that we don't get to see very often.  Part 1 is just from Nashville since I left my camera out in the rain and Kristen has the Part 2 pictures.
just a couple of boys in their PJs lounging with Cookie.  You an see Drayton is very relaxed, just like Caden and Tate

Mom has this old stroller that worked perfectly for a double backyard stroll.

We told them to get closer for the picture, but Drayton thought it was too close.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

9 months!

Drayton turned 9 months Sunday! 

And boy, have we had an explosion of big boy growth.  He for some reason has decided that he now wants to eat and take a bottle.  I guess it just needed to be in his own time!  However, he is still a bit picky and turns his nose up at all homemade food.  At least he is eating.  At least he is eating.

He is still army crawling.  I have a feeling he might walk before he crawls.  He is now pulling up to standing and even is a daredevil and tries to stand up without holding on to anything.

He talks to us all of the time like he knows what he is saying.  And the best thing, other than eating food, is (thanks to some encouragement from Stefany Bowers)  he is now sleeping through the night!  We had to do a little sleep training last week and it worked!  My clock is still messed up and I keep waking up throughout the night, but it isn't because of Drayton! 

He's becoming a little bit of a ham.  When he wakes up from naps now, he often will talk to his stuffed animals and laugh.  Though he is mostly all smiles, don't ever try to take away his shovel.

Drayton had his 9 month appointment Monday.  He was all over the board in percentiles!  He is basically a skinny melon head according to the percentiles (9% weight, 99% head circumference)But she said everything still looks great, other than one big problem.  I am very nervous and not looking forward to this at all.  And I hope Drayton will forgive me one day for posting this on the itnernet.  Unfortunately, due to his excessive "fat pad" (which totally doesn't make sense since he is supposedly skinny) and despite my best efforts, his circumcision has grown up.  So, we are being referred to a urologist in Dallas to get that taken care of.  Ouch!!!  I am not looking forward to that, but it will be better for him in the long run.

I'm just not thinking about that now.  Just enjoying this little stinker.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

After our Nashville trip, we stayed in Dallas for a few days and got to spend some time with the Ford side of the family.  It is really fun to get to see Drayton with his cousins!  Other than the pumpkin patch, I didn't get too many pictures, once again.  I've got to get better.

We got to go see Grandmother Ford!  4 generations.  Pretty neat.

He asked her where she got her necklace.

She asked him where he got his blankie.

Cousins with Mimi at the Pumpkin patch

Drayton's first encounter with a pumpkin

couple of country bumpkins

That is pure joy on a little boy's face.  He loves a good steering wheel.

He has much better focus when he's driving.  His mommy has hit 2 parked objects in the last month.

After Florida, Nashville, and Dallas, we are definitely homebound until Thanksgiving.  We had a great time, but it is definitely time to be home for a little bit.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


It is always so nice to go home! We went to Nashville last week for a week and it was so great.  However, I hardly took any pictures.  So here's what I got.
Drayton got to meet Aunt Ruth! (and Ben, Andrew and Uncle Nate, but I didn't get pictures.)

My cousin Jessie just had little baby Sam.  He was so cute and little!  My cousin Jenny's little girl, Madison was obviously doing a great job holding him.

Drayton enjoyed the safety of Aunt Jessie's lap.

Macey was very attentive to Drayton.  He wasn't exactly sure about it.

Slappy driving lesson.

Grandma came over on our last day before the airport.  Drayton, Caden, and Tate were all 3 crying and being pretty needy.  This picture sums up that morning.

Excited for our flight.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Florida and 8 months

So, I'm not so great about updating on a regular basis.  I figure, I'm good if I can keep doing it once a month.  So, Drayton is 8 months! (as of a week ago)  He has lost a pound since last month due to him still not wanting to eat!  I have found as of yesterday that he likes puffs even though he gags on them.  He gags on just about everything.  His weight loss is also due to the fact that he is now army crawling everywhere and getting into everything!  He likes to play a lot and is still an easy smile to just about everyone.  He says Ma ma regulary, though I'm still not sure if he says it meaning me. 

We took another trip to Florida with my parents and grandparents.  It was a wonderful trip, despite almost every single one of us having one ailment or another, and the 13 hour drive.

Two little travelers after 13 hours in the car. Ty designed these beautiful onesies in honor of Slappy.

Couple of cabana boys.

Slappy and Drayton all geared up.

Cookie wrangling Tate and Drayton

So, Drayton hates food and juice, but loves, loves, loves water.  He gets really excited to drink after me.

If anyone wants a free haircut, I would be happy to.

Never a good idea to wear your hair down at the beach.

All 3 boys had so much fun.
He's definitely teething.

definitely teething

Thought I'd advertise one more time for free hair cuts.