Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grapevine Duncan Christmas

We got to spend a whole week with Ty's parents for Christmas!  During that week we went up to Duncan, Oklahoma to do Christmas at Grandmom and Jack's.   Beau was sporting the newest toddler look.
Ty's Uncle David was pretty sweet with Drayton!

Uncle Cole and Aunt Tiffany

Grandmom and Jack with all of the great grandkids (minus Gibson and Graham who we can't wait to meet!)

I think Ty could very easily get used to the idea of a daughter.  This was his cousin Rob and Katie's little girl Annie.  It was our first time to meet her and she is such a little doll!

Marlee playing with Drayton

I love this smile!  It helps if you tickle your kids during pictures.

Drayton with his Nongy and Mimi

Mimi is the best at reading stories!

Drayton became attached to this car at Grandmom's house, so she let him take it home.  He loves it!

Drayton with Ty's Grandmother Ford

Time for some more presents!!

I promise Drayton really was excited about the dinosaur.  That was a really excited smile.

Drayton couldn't wait for Uncle Cole to set up the tool bench he and Aunt Tiffany gave him!

It was such a fun time!  We had a great first Christmas!

11 months!

Maybe I have been procrastinating on this post since it is the last one until he is 1! 
At 11 months, Drayton is beginning to show a little spirit.  While this means that the defiance is beginning, it also is exciting to see that he has some spunk.  He has quickly learned that sometimes older kids take your toys away.  So, he has started to either fight back, guard his toys, or tell them "No No"  as he shakes his head no.  It is kind of hard to know what to do.  I totally understand him wanting to defend himself, but I don't want him to hit!

He is still crawling like crazy, but he is beginning to pull up on things and walk around while holding onto them.  I love watching him walk the perimeter of his crib.  As for his size, we recently went to the doctor again, and he has gained a whopping 1 pound in 6 months!  The boy eats and eats and eats until his belly is about to pop.  He must have a really high metabolism!  As for eating, Drayton has decided he is a big boy and weaned himself.  Weaning began unintentionally when I gave him a bottle.  He decided he loved the bottle so much that was all he wanted!  So, he is totally weaned now.  It makes me sad when I let myself think about it, but at the same time, it is pretty nice!

He is saying all kinds of words that all sound like nothing to most people but Ty and I know what they mean!  He says duh for Coda, Da for Dad, Mama, Night night, bah for bottle and ball, no, buh for puffs.  He is also babbling more where it sounds like he is actually speaking in sentences.  It is pretty funny. 

He is still a friendly little guy and will go to most people.  He really loves to explore the less travelled areas of the house and see what he can dig up.  He still really loves music and dancing.  It is hilarious to watch him dance.  He just makes us laugh and smile so much!

Home Christmas

Christmas is definitely  my favorite time of year.  As soon as Thanksgiving is over, it all Christmas all the time until around New Years.  It was even more fun this year with Drayton.  I never thought I could be so excited to watch him open his presents.  Drayton loved all of the Christmas decorations, especially the nutcrackers.  Whenever he would wake up from a nap, he would immediately reach for the nutcrackers.  We eventually nutcracked the beard off of this one.

This is Ty's favorite Christmas sweater.

about to open up the first Christmas present of the season!

I'm not sure who is more excited.

So excited about all of the balls!!!

perfect fit!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Santa slumper

We took Drayton to breakfast with Santa with a fever.  However, we didn't know at the time he was sick.  It was probably pretty obvious to everyone else there though.  When he sat in Santa's lap, he just went totally limp and just slumped back into his shoulder.  He didn't react at all!  At first I thought, it was just no big deal to him, but now I know it was b/c the poor baby was sick!  Still kind of funny though.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 2

So I'm a little behind. The second half of our Thanksgiving we went to Rogersville, TN to see my Dad's parents and his family. We always have such a great time and it is beautiful!
These little waffle blocks were always our favorite whenever we visited my grandparents growing up.  It was fun to see Drayton enjoying them.
a little hike down to the old log cabin

The weather was absolutely beautiful!  Most of the day, the kids were in the diapers in the sun. 

My cousin David

David's sweet wife Amy

4 generations