Monday, March 22, 2010


We have had a big couple of weeks!  Last weekend we went to Beavers Bend in Oklahoma with the Fords!  It was really pretty weather and we had so much fun.  Drayton was really glad to be able to spend some time with Mimi and Nongy and his Aunts and Uncles.  It was also the first time he got to meet Beau, Lilly, and Marlee! I already  figured out that I am horrible about taking enough pictures, so Hollee and Sam, we need some pictues of yall with Drayton this weekend!

Nongy had to juggle all of the demand for his attention.  I won't mention any names, but some (Lilly) did not like the juggling.
Uncle Cole and Aunt Tiffany

Drayton with his Mimi

Sweet Beau
A little family hike by the river
Last Wednesday was his first trip to church.  He was ready with his sword.
His St. Patty's Day look
I love his chunkiness!
We've been getting more and more smiles and coos lately. 
What would a post be without a little bodily fluids?  Ty got his fair share this week.  I guess Mommy forgot to tighten up his diaper!

Sunday was his first Sunday service and he did so well!  He slept through Sunday morning service and Sunday night, he was wide awake but was so good.  He was ready for the first of many Sunday afternoon naps.

Monday, March 8, 2010

happy 5 weeks

This is how we started this Sunday, his 5 week birthday.  Never saw it comin. Never knew it was possible.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So thankful!

We got Drayton's test results back this morning from Dr. Somers and as far as the test shows, he does not have cystic fibrosis!!!  He is a carrier of the gene, so if his future (very future) wife has the gene, they could possibly pass it on to their kids.  We are just so relieved and so thankful!  I have to admit, it was very hard not to worry when his poo smelled a little funny or he coughed, or anything else that was less than perfect. 

We are so thankful to our God.  He is so faithful and loving.  I know that even if he had CF, God still would have been faithful and loving and good would have come from it, but it is just always so nice when God answers our prayers the way we hope.  It is hard not to burst into thankful tears every time I look at him. 

When I was told the news that he could have it, I had to let my mind go down that path of "what if?"  It is a relief to be able to put those "what ifs" away and not have to entrust them to God anymore. 

Drayton will still go to the CF clinic in Tyler on March 16, to take another type of test to 100% rule it out.  But basically, if they did the test correctly and didn't make a mistake, he can't have it.  So please rejoice with us and thank God for this wonderful gift!

Monday, March 1, 2010

1 month!!

It is hard for me to believe that Drayton is 1 month old already!  I find myself already getting a little sad about how quickly he is changing.  It is good, b/c of course I would be really sad if he wasn't changing.  That would be a little freaky.  Today was really exciting since it was the first time he actually smiled as a reaction to us!  He had smiled when he had gas and good dreams, but that doesn't quite count.  So, as Ty said, this is the beginning of all of us acting like idiots just to get a smile.

Here are his 1 month pictures with Mr. Bear and the beloved football.

He kept trying to look up at the bear's face.  It was really cute!

If you don't look too closely it looks like he has a tooth.

And then the photo shoot came to an abrupt close.

On Saturday, Drayton and I went out to camp to meet Ty at the Hoche retreat.  It was his very first trip to Camp Deer Run!

No caption necessary.