Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nabby McNabster

Drayton is walking all of the time now. I love the way babies walk. They kind of turn their knees out and waddle. Since Drayton has now realized he can quickly explore the rest of the house, he is constantly nabbing things and distributing them to other rooms of the house. I found a bracelet in the laundry room, the wipes in the dining room, and the lotion is definitely a favorite. It is really fun to sneak up on him when he's walked into another room and scare him. He jumps and then giggles and tries to run away. He has started to play his version of hide and seek with Ty. Ty will yell "Drayton" and Drayton in turn yells "Dada". It is pretty precious. Such a fun time!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Major catch up

So, like always, I have some major catching up to do.
February 4, it snowed. It was Drayton's first snow and he loved it!!!
He loved to eat it. 

and walk in it.


Cookie came for a visit while Daddy and Uncle Adam went to Honduras.

a little brood of ruffians

We went to the park!  He is always carrying spoons around.  He loves them and calls them boons.

Mimi and Nongy came to build him a new swingset and deck all in a weekend!  He loves them both.

He's never angry about naked time.

When will they be clean?

Then we headed to Cleburne, TX to the McWilliams farm with the Fords for Spring Break.

Again, who doesn't love to sit naked on a rock in a creek?

His first time in a sandbox.  He loved it, and also loved throwing sand.

We took a big ol field trip to Fossil Rim, an outdoor zoo.  Drayton loved it!  Some of our knees did not love it.

Uncle Cole wasn't so sure about some of the animals.

And finally, the boy has his first pair of shades and he loves them!!!

Oh, and I guess, a big by the way, DRAYTON IS WALKING!!!  Back in mid February he started to take his first steps, and now he walks all the time!!  It's pretty fun. Video to come.