Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big 4 month old camper

Well, we have made the big move out to Dear Ol Deer Run! It took Drayton a few days to realize which side was up or down, but we are getting settled in and loving it!
This is where he spends the majority of his time.  Just riding around camp with Mr. Frog.

All of the camp babies at Pass the Torch
The last month has been so much fun.  After Florida, my Mom came back to Longview with us to get to see Tate (and Caden and Drayton).  She stayed for a couple of weeks and then my Dad got to come down to join us.  It has been a while since I've gotten to spend that much time with my family.  It was so great!  It is just so much fun to get to watch my parents with Drayton and especially for them to be around him long enough that they could see changes. 
 Caden was nice enough to let an old man swim in his pool.
Cookie and Slappy with all the little boys
Two tough guys
Got crabs?

Drayton is now 4 months!  He is continuing to grow and change so much.  His hair is falling out at rapid speeds.  He has found his feet and likes to play with them.  He already likes to watch TV and he loves swimming (as long as the temperature is right.) He smiles all the time and is laughing a lot.  He is starting to try to sit up a lot, though he is nowhere near sitting up on his own.  He still talks alot, but he does get pretty quiet when he's around a lot of people.  He is just so much fun!

For those of you keeping track, no I did not take his 3 month pictures with Mr. Bear.  Go ahead.   Judge me.

Just a boy watching him some TV

This gives an excellent shot of his glorious rat tail.  I posed him this way on purpose.