Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Though I am posting in the same night, Tate deserves his own post.  Kristen and Adam welcomed sweet little Tate on 5/10.  He is just the cutest most tiny little thing ever!  We have had so much fun the past week getting to see him and snuggle him.  And I am so excited Drayton and Tate will get to grow up together and be good friends! 

Little traveler

We have had a big couple of weeks and Drayton has been quite the traveler! We flew to Nashville to meet up with my family and then drove down to Daytona Beach. Drayton did so well on the plane! Now, on the 12 hour drive to Florida, I'd give him about a 5. He did as well as could be expected! I'd give myself about a 5 as well. While we were in Florida, Kristen had little baby Tate (not in Florida, but back in Longview.) So we got to come back and meet him! Like I said, it has been a big couple of weeks. We definitely missed Daddy while we were gone.

Drayton is getting so much personality! He just smiles and coos and is laughing now. He is a pretty easy smile which is so much fun. I just can't stop kissing him and acting like an idiot to get him to laugh. Enjoy the pictures.
Drayton's first ride in the sassy seat.

Drayton's first service at Hillboro in the daygown Mom made.  No, it's not a dress.

my little Gilligan before his first time on the beach!

Drayton loved getting to see Grandma and Grandpa Saunders
Uncle Burt Burt and his girlfriend Lauren.  Drayton thought she was so beautiful!  He loved to stare at her.

This was the first time Drayton got to meet Uncle Burton

Drayton thought Grandma was so funny.  I thought his outfit was so funny.
Flattering, I know.

He comes by it honestly I guess. This was Caden breaking the rules under the same sign.